Pay Hope Forward.

Hope is born in every Gladney “baby,” whatever their age.  Whether placed with great love by a birth mother, adopted out of foster care through the court system or united with a family who traveled thousands of miles to an orphanage on foreign soil, an adopted child becomes their family’s lifeline to the future.

When an international adopting family returns from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe or Latin America, their hearts are joyful for the child in their arms, but sorrowful for those left behind.

Gladney’s website provides a way for Gladney families and friends to support programs for orphans who will age out and live on their own someday.

Your gift not only helps to meet the needs of the OnTheirOwn, a Gladney Center for Adoption initiative, but also helps encourage others, such as foundations and corporations, to support Gladney financially. Through your gift, the Gladney Center for Adoption can continue to be a place Where Hope is Born, as it has for the past 125 years.