Bridge of Hope Child Sponsorship Initiative

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Children who need us.

Gladney remains committed to finding a balance between our mission of creating families through adoption and our passion for improving the lives of children living in orphanages who are without the permanent guidance and love of a family. You’ve asked what we are doing and how together we could do more. We’ve heard your inquiries about how to support more children who need us. After exploring opportunities, we have found the perfect fit for us to help together. Gladney, in partnership with Bridge of Hope Children’s Village in Gondar, Ethiopia, has created a child sponsorship initiative. Child sponsorship has been a long-time part of Gladney’s humanitarian aid efforts in Ethiopia—what is unique about this partnership with Bridge of Hope is that sponsors have the opportunity to choose a specific child to support.

About Bridge of Hope:
Bridge of Hope is a child-centered non-profit organization, which has been operating in Ethiopia since 2001 and was established with an overall goal of improving the physical, psychosocial, health and economic wellbeing of orphans and vulnerable children, as well as impoverished families affected by HIV/AIDs. Bridge of Hope’s diverse range of services include holistic institutional care, community based child sponsorship and family income generation programs, urban agricultural activities, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, and clean water initiatives.

About the children:
These 68 children in need of our help have lost one or both of their parents or are at risk of losing their parents due to illness, poverty, or other hardships. You have the opportunity to give a one-time gift or a recurring gift to ensure an individual child will receive the food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education he or she needs. While these specific children are not available for adoption, together the Gladney family can provide for them.

Take action:
First, say yes! Then select a sponsorship option and make your gift. You will then be emailed a password protected link to select the individual child you want to sponsor. Sponsors will receive one update, letter, and picture of their sponsored child each year.

In order to maintain appropriate boundaries and avoid any potential misinterpretations, please note that prospective adoptive families currently in the process of adopting through Gladney’s Ethiopia Program may not sponsor a child. However, you may be a special advocate and help spread the word!

Advocate for more to help:
Share this information with friends and family who share your passion to support children who need our help.

Have questions?
Technical support for making your gift –
More information on Gladney’s partnership with Bridge of Hope –

Wait, how do I see the children who are available to sponsor so that I can select a child to support?
Bridge of Hope and Gladney take the children’s confidentiality very seriously. In order to protect the children’s identities and photos from being published without our knowledge, the profiles are held in a password protected section of this site. After you select a sponsorship option and make your gift, you will be e-mailed a password protected link to view the children’s profiles and select the individual child you want to sponsor.

Ongoing Monthly Support

Child in Institutional Care ($50/month)
Child in Community ($20/month)

Support One Full Year

Child in Institutional Care ($600)
Child in Community ($240)


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