Our Purpose

OnTheirOwn supports orphaned children and equips them with the knowledge, tools and emotional support needed to become healthy, safe, independent adults without the loving foundation of a family.

OnTheirOwn is supported by donors and volunteers as an initiative of the Gladney Center for Adoption in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

  • Gladney Celebrates 125 Years

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  • Ethiopian Foster Care Center Caregivers nurture the same three children as a way to help build an emotional attachment that the child needs in order to support proper developmental growth. Learn how you can support this effort.
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  • Gongzhan travels with Superkids to Taiwan and China.

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125 Years

Celebrate with Gladney

Ethiopian Foster Care Center Caregivers

Superkids travels to Taiwan and China

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Welcome to OnTheirOwn

Welcome to OnTheirOwn.org, the Gladney Center for Adoption humanitarian aid initiative.  This program has been 20 years in the making. When Gladney first stepped foot on foreign soil, we realized that lives were being changed all around us. Despite the wonderful changes for our Gladney families and the  children united with them through adoption,  we also witnessed the changes that follow the dimmed hope in children who will never experience loving adoptive parents.  One day, these children will truly be on their own. Our families and friends have continued to express the desire to take action themselves to brighten the Read More…